At last, I decided to provide you a testimonial of your services to me since more than two years now. This is how, I wish to express in my words: Ever since I signed up with Investwise & Supertaxfiler, for my financial planning, tax planning & filing returns, and allied services, (For more than two years), I could heave a sigh of relief! This was possible because of their prompt and immaculate services and apt recommendations on investments. I'm seeing my portfolio grow beyond my expectations. Hope this will continue for times immemorial! All the best!

AVP - Tata consultancy services

Investwise has been managing my financial plan over the last two years. The good thing about their financial planning is the way they balance the plan to suit the needs of the clients – risk appetite, personal preference and primarily to achieve long term goals. Without too much chopping and changing my existing investments were routed to specific goals. All of the financial data was captured in great detail and the plan was laid out in a easy to understand format. Over the last 2 years I have also seen the plan detailing quality and approach improve, with them constantly innovating how the data is treated and presented. They are easily reachable for clarifications any time over email and phone. I have also been associated with Super Tax Filer for a few years now and use it now regularly for filing my IT Tax returns. Prior to getting Investwise do my planning had read about other financial planners including some online ones. But the professional approach customized with a friendly touch is too good to let go off !!!


Both of us (me and my wife) were thinking since long time to find a financial adviser who will help us to channelize our investments so that we can meet our long term and short term goals. We didn't have good time with the financial adviser whom we consulted previously as most of them were like marketing agents trying to sell product of certain brand. We were quite reluctant initially when we contacted Investwise but we are glad they proved us wrong. Investwise helped us to plan our investments in better way to meet to make sure we meet our goal. The best part about it was that we didn’t have to adjust our lifestyle much. All our financial related queries were addressed in simple terms, it helped us in great deal as we both had limited knowledge on financial terminologies. The way our financial report was submitted was impressive and gave us clear understanding how to plan our investment. The financial report covered investment planning for my son education, marriage and our retirement. That report is going to serve us as bible when we want to consider the financial status of our family.

The entire products suggested were best in the market and we were never pushed to opt for particular one. In fact, the product suggested by them were same which we were thinking of investing into. I surely say one thing the entire team of Investwise are thorough professional. It has been one year with Investwise and when I look back we surely find that things are better planned than they were before. The only regret we have is why didn’t we start our journey with Investwise much earlier.

Swati & Sagar Sawant

First when approached by Investwise, I thought how it’s going to be useful for me as I am a salaried person & moreover why should someone manage my finance and advise me. Later once I got engaged with Investwise I understood the in-depth analysis they did on my income & expenditure. Not only that but thought about the future and child education and savings that needs for future growth. I am satisfied with their service. Last but not the least my first goal to purchase of flat in Bangalore was met with their advice and should take this opportunity to thank them for showing personal interest to achieve my goal.

Ramesh Babu, ANZ

I have been associated with Subodh (Investwise) for last 4 years. I am very impressed with their professional approach and their flexibility to understand the customer needs and situations for advice. I have received valuable feedbacks from them for better financial planning and at the same the trust in them to share my personal details. Additional comfort I get is they being associated to Philips for tax returns where I work for. I wish good success for all their endeavors in expanding their customer base to become a leading organization in Bengaluru.

Ganesh N, Philips

I have been associated with Investwise from last 3+ years and one of the major factors that made me stick along with them, is the trust I have in Investwise team. In my perception, for financial planning to succeed, it's the trust and the bond we build with the Financial Planner's that matters, which I have in plenty with them. I have also found them to be very apt in collating the required data and putting it in right perceptive and planning it appropriately to achieve my set goals.

In the last 3+ years, I have never felt them to canvas / push any product to me to purchase. They just recommend to me and they have left it to my due diligence to accept it or not. Overall I am very impressed with their service and at the same I am personally relieved too, that I don't have to worry about mine and my family’s future goals. I am sure, I will be closely associated with them for years to come by.

Shakish T M

Engaging Investwise for creating my Financial plan and road map, based on my future objective, was indeed a good decision. They studied my current financial health and based on that, provided a good road map for next 3 years, for me to execute. I am happy at their professional approach and delivery and looking forward to continued engagement with them going forward.

Hemant Kumar